Houston Hero Headquarters
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Hero Appearance
Hero Appearances include a Meet and Greet, Story time, Description of the hero's own abilities and training on how to use those abilities, Photo Opportunities, and Party Games if time allows.
Hero Training
Hero Training includes everything in a Hero Appearance PLUS:
Training and games with props that the heroes might use, such as a marshmallow bow and foam dart guns. 
Science Demonstration
Science Demonstrations might include the chemistry, magnets, and lasers.  Powder Puff Girls, Robotics Hero, and Chemistry Heroine are suggested for Science Demonstrations.
Prank Lessons
Harlequin Vixen, Mad Jokester, or Mouthy Mercenary will leave your guests in stitches with riotous jokes and demonstrations with fun props such as whoopee cushions and joy buzzers!
***ALL Activities listed are a guideline, but are not guaranteed.***
Star Warrior Training
Star Warriors will lead the guests in training with light swords.  The guests will learn a sparring combination and will practice it individually with the Star Warriors. A maximum of 25 light swords will be provided for use.
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​Bow Staff Training
Our Heroes will train the guests with foam staffs.  Guests will learn a sparring combination and will practice it individually with the Heroes.  A maximum of 20 staffs will be provided for use.
Slime Craft!!
For an additional fee, your hero can provide the materials to make slime!  It will make a fun favor for your guests to take home. Inquire for more details.
Face Painting
​For an additional fee, your hero can paint your guests faces with their favorite symbols and characters!  Inquire for more details.
Hero Training Kids Party
Big Hero Six Kids Party
Marvel Birthday Party
DC Wonder Woman Hero Training
Hero Training Birthday Party
Jedi Training Birthday Party
Kids Party
Face Painting Kids Party
Slime Party Kids
Train Rental

 - Inquire for pricing!